Will Winterson BSc FRICS Commercial Director

Will has over 30 years of experience in the commercial property market, mainly in the Office and Industrial Development sector. In 1999, Will founded Network Estates and in 2004, seeing the potential of Coral Springs in Witney, he approached Minns Estates which led to the formation of Minns Network Developments. As Commercial Director, Wills focus is on sourcing opportunities and Wills particular area of expertise is in the conception & design of schemes including master planning and delivery of building suiting occupiers requirements.

Kevin Minns BSc (Hons) Project Director

Kevin is the grandson of the founder Frederick Minns who founded the first Minns company in 1934. He joined the company in 1989 and was appointed Managing Director in1995. He was instrumental in developing, amongst other properties, the Minns Business Park in Botley, Oxford; a 100,000 sq ft Office Park. As Project Director, Kevin’s focus is on the delivery of schemes for the company and his particular area of expertise is in planning & delivery processes of new developments with emphasis on strategic issues.

Support Personnel

Will and Kevin are supported by an accountant and office manager, Frankie Howard, a project manager John Berry, an extremely experienced Quantity Surveyor and Katherine Spokes, a highly experienced Graphic Designer who undertakes the marketing and design for the company.